My Photography

I have an Art & Graphic Design teaching background with an amateur interest in photography for many years. I have an opportunity with my current camera - a Nikon Coolpix P900 - to indulge more fully in this passion.

Living in a fabulous environment on the Gold Coast in South East Queensland, where birds frequently visit my home, I have many wonderful opportunities to photograph my feathered friends.

They allow me many privileged, close encounters for which I am most grateful.

I am within easy walking distance of many bird habitats which afford close observation of a number of bird species including a range of water birds.

My Poems

I have also dabbled with poetry since my teens and publish my poems on my other website: Zebra Dreaming.

You might well ask, "Why zebras?" After coming across the meaning of the zebra as a power animal (which represents individuality), I understand why I have been drawn to them and why zebras have continued to feature in my life.

My interest in zebras developed in my late teens and is probably related to my love of horses. Seems logical as they are similar in species. Once I started, my love for zebras has not dissipated.

My poem writing began in my teens and has become a more frequent hobby in recent years.

My Spirituality

In my early life I was brought up within a specific religion by my parents but thankfully not strictly so. It did instil a belief in spirits and blessings but not to the point where religion dictated my life.

Having been dissatisfied with religious ideology for some time, my interest now is in shamanism ~ the world's oldest spirituality. The spiritual practice of Shamanism is rooted in nature which enables us to strengthen our connection with the natural environment we live in.

Busyness and greed has taken away our focus from respecting all living things and honouring the resources of our planet.

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